EU set to hammer out tachograph compromise

What is described as a “final session” of negotiations between the European Parliament, European Council and the Council of Ministers on the new digital tachograph regulation has been scheduled for 10 April. It appears that a compromise has been reached on amendments to the rules on the driving and break times of professional drivers, while the Parliament appears to have accepted that tachographs will only apply to trucks of 3.5 ... [+]

Port driver sent down for hours offences

Feltham truck driver Jasvinder Arora has been sentenced to eight months in prison for drivers’ hours falsification on journeys to and from the port of Felixstowe. Arora, who traded as Ocean Xpress Logistics, was involved in general haulage in and out of the port. He created false records of the ... [+]

Smart tachos sooner?

The European Parliament’s Committee on Transport wants to bring forward the date by which all new HGVs must be equipped with a ‘new generation’ or ‘smart’ . A report by Romanian MEP Silvia-Adriana Ticau, adopted on 31 May, called for the device to be adopted around 2017, 24 months after ... [+]

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