Ramsgate port ‘bankruptcy’ claim denied

Thanet District Council has deinied claims by a local council that Ramsgate port is teetering on bankruptcy, the BBC reported. Thanet Green party councillor Ian Driver obtained figures through a Freedom of Information request to the council-owned port, which showed that annual income fell by £1.73m after ferry operator ceased trading last year. The port generated £2.3m in 2012-13 but only £571,000 in 2013-14. Mr Driver added that a specialist maritime industry consultant ... [+]

Ramsgate animal export ban was unlawful, says judge

The High Court ruled on 27 February that a ban imposed by Thanet District Council on live animal exports through Ramsgate in September 2012 was unlawful, the BBC reported. Mr Justice Birss said the council, which owns the port, would now have to pay damages to the three companies affected, ... [+]

Council ‘missed chance to seize TransEuropa ferry’

Thanet council failed to seize a vessel belong to bankrupt Ramsgate-Ostend ferry operator TransEuropa because its legal officer was away from his desk, according to The website said that the council's TransEuropa debt review group heard that harbour master Robert Brown called the council's legal officer Harvey Patterson about ... [+]

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