Ferry group visits Ramsgate

Members of a group campaigning to restart ferry services between Ostend and Ramsgate visited the Thanet port town on 25-26 October. A 200-strong delegation, made up of Ostend residents, local politicians and the Belgian press, was due to be welcomed by welcomed by the Mayor of Ramsgate and council leaders, the Thanet Gazette reported. No service has operated the long-standing Ramsgate to Belgium link since TransEuropa Ferries went into administration ... [+]

Council ‘missed chance to seize TransEuropa ferry’

Thanet council failed to seize a vessel belong to bankrupt Ramsgate-Ostend ferry operator TransEuropa because its legal officer was away from his desk, according to The website said that the council's TransEuropa debt review group heard that harbour master Robert Brown called the council's legal officer Harvey Patterson about ... [+]

No takers for Ramsgate

Thanet Council's bid for consultants to find a new ferry operator for its port of Ramsgate has received no takers, reports the Isle of Thanet Gazette. The council began advertising in September for experts to find a replacement for TransEuropa Ferries, which went bankrupt in April. Three parties registered initial ... [+]

Brussels rejects Ramsgate state aid action

The European Commission has rejected a complaint that an agreement to delay payment of port fees by ferry company TransEuropa to the port of Ramsgate was unauthorised state aid. The action was brought by Thanet Green Party councillor Ian Driver against Thanet District Council, which owes the port. Belgian-owned TransEuropa ... [+]

Councillor takes council to Commission over port fees

Thanet Green Party councillor Ian Driver has referred the council to the European Commission for allowing the bankrupt ferry operator TransEuropa to run up £3.4m of debt by delaying port charges, saying that it was unauthorised state aid. The council said the debt was not state aid and did not ... [+]

TransEuropa ferry service suspended

Ramsgate-Ostend ferry operator TransEuropa has suspended its sailings after it went into administration. The service had become increasingly erratic in recent weeks, after being reduced to a single vessel. TransEuropa, which carried freight and passengers, was the sole regular operator out of Ramsgate and the only ferry service into Ostend. The ... [+]

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