Forwarder condemns ‘reckless’ Brexit strategy

Director of Leeds-based Tudor International Freight, Adam Johnson, has described a statement by the government that it will not seek to extend the UK’s post-Brexit transition period, despite the Covid-19 crisis, as irresponsible. A government spokesperson has been reported as saying that the UK will not extend the transition period, arguing that it will simply prolong the negotiations, extend uncertainty and would also keep it bound by EU legislation. Johnson said: “The ... [+]

Exporters could face paperwork mountain, warns forwarder

A customs entry for each shipment to the EU could take an hour-and-three-quarters to complete under Boris Johnson’s now ‘paused’ draft EU withdrawal agreement, says director of Leeds forwarder Tudor International Freight, Adam Johnson. He said the customs declaration form UK companies would have to provide for every consignment shipped to ... [+]

Watch Mrs May like a hawk

Watch Mrs May like a hawk, urges Tudor Freight boss David Johnson, managing director of Leeds forwarder Tudor International Freight, is urging to watch events in Parliament closely on Wednesday 27 February, as these could lead to the government effectively losing control of the Brexit process. With Prime Minister Theresa May ... [+]

Norway-plus could be way out of Brexit impasse, says forwarder

With Brexit negotiations continuing, Leeds forwarding boss Adam Johnson says that the so-called “Norway Plus” option would be the least damaging practical outcome for UK firms. The Tudor International Freight director said with the draft withdrawal agreement almost certain to be rejected by the House of Commons on 11 December ... [+]

British business faces Brexit penalties, warns forwarder

UK businesses face three possible outcomes if the UK chooses Brexit on 23 June – all of them liable to involve increased paperwork and red tape, says the boss of a Yorkshire freight forwarder. David Johnson, managing director of Tudor International Freight, based at Rawdon, near Leeds, describes them as the ... [+]

Tudor wins AEO status

Leeds-based Tudor International Freight, has been awarded full Authorised Economic Operator (AEO) status by HMRC. The forwarder can now enjoy faster application for customs authorisations and reduced financial guarantees in the EU and other countries including the US, Japan and China. Managing director, David Johnson, managing director, said: “The accreditation means ... [+]

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