Trade expert warns of inspection chaos at ports

UK exporters may need to bring in inspectors from the EU after January 1 to certify that their exports meet EU regulations and ensure that they can leave ports for mainland Europe without being subject to technical checks at the other end, says UK Trade Policy Observatory (UKTPO) economist Dr Peter Holmes. This would apply even in the event of a Free Trade Agreement between the UK and EU. He warns ... [+]

Wales could be the loser under Brexit, says report

Freight between Ireland the ports in Wales could be badly hit by Brexit, says a new UK Trade Policy Observatory (UKTPO) published by the Welsh government. It says that trade barriers between the UK and the EU (notably Ireland) but less extensive border checks between Great Britain and Northern ireland could ... [+]

Ulster imports could face EU tariffs

Around three quarters of Northern Ireland’s imports of goods from other locations, including Great Britain, would be subject to EU tariffs on arrival – which flies in the face of a recent government assertion that the province would remain within the UK customs territory, says director of the UK Trade ... [+]

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