The sensor gets smart

Industrial internet firm Nexiot is equipping the entire European wagon fleet of rail leaser VTG with what it describes as a revolutionary design of smart sensor. Unlike previous designs, which could only transmit information a few times a day, the sensors can communicate with users every five minutes, says the company. The sensors ‘harvest’ energy from the environment, chiefly through solar power but also by means of temperature fluctions or vibrations, to ... [+]

Rail firms get rid of the gaps

VTG Rail UK has signed hire agreements for its Ecofret container wagons with Freightliner and GB Railfreight. Freightliner has ordered 21 sets of twin-platform Ecofret wagons to add to its existing fleet of 43 twins, whilst GBRf has placed orders for 17 triple-platform sets which will join the existing triple with ... [+]

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