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Take the headache out of freight tenders

[ April 14, 2015   //   ]

Speicalist software firm AEB has added new features to its ASSIST4 Transport & Freight Management solution to make it easier to compare forwarder tenders and speed up selection of transport partners. Users can process legacy data from live shipping systems or enter their own forecasts. This data then forms the basis of the call for tenders and can be saved to separate documents in ASSIST4 Freight for electronic submission to the respective carriers.

The software is also capable of comparing incoming tenders with different zones, weight scales, price elements, and surcharges – and can generate a ranking of the most attractive proposals, breaking down the results into smaller areas such as country and first digit of postal code to help the user assess whether it makes sense to split deliveries among multiple carriers. Companies can also use the simulation feature of ASSIST4 Transport & Freight Management to run various scenarios and analyse developments.