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TAPA unveils secure parking programme

[ October 21, 2016   //   ]

The Transported Asset Protection Association (TAPA) has presented plans for a new programme to increase the amount secure truck parking to the European Commission’s LANDSEC expert group on land transport security. Under the programme, to be launched in the first half of 2017, TAPA would identify secure parking places through certification, partnership and mutual recognition. It will recognise existing secure parking locations and encourage other parking site operators to update the security of their locations.

TAPA is building a new online tool for its manufacturer and logistics service provider members that will incorporate a route planner, a secure parking locator, site information and contact details, as well as an incident history overlay showing the locations of previous cargo crimes reported to TAPA on the routes companies are planning to use.

The online tool will also provide an opportunity for feedback from TAPA members, drivers, parking owners and law enforcement agencies.

In Phase 1, site owners will be able to join the programme through a self-certification entry level with TAPA conducting sample audits of these sites; signing an annual Partner Declaration to confirm the security requirements stated in the TAPA programme are in place; or through mutual recognition by TAPA of parking place operators that have met the requirements of other organisations with TAPA pre-approved and accredited parking security schemes.

Phase 2 will see the addition of a full certification programme with audits carried out by independent audit bodies with recertification every three years. Parking operators will also be required to carry out annual self audits under the certification scheme, which will have three levels.

TAPA says that in over half of drivers all recorded cargo crimes in 2015, information provided by companies, law enforcement agencies and insurers stated the location of thefts to be ‘Unsecured Parking.

Vice chair of TAPA EMEA, Jason Breakwell, said: “The challenges facing transport operators in our region cannot be ignored. We are taking action to help minimise losses from supply chains and to help improve driver safety following the growing number of reports of violent attacks over the past 2-3 years. We want to give our members access to a wider choice of secure parking locations, promote the secure sites that already exist, and encourage other parking owners to raise their security levels to gain new business.

“Cargo crime is not going away. In fact, incident reports to TAPA’s IIS show significant year-on-year increases for each of the first nine months of 2016 and we expect this to be the worst year for recorded freight thefts in over five years in the EMEA region.”

But at the same time, there was “tremendous growth potential” for parking operators that respond to the call for greater security from customers.