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Tappin to head for US on 24 February

[ February 20, 2012   //   ]

February 24 has been set as the date for the extradition of retired former freight forwarder Christopher Tappin to the US to face charges of attempting to illegally export batteries for Iranian missiles.

It follows the failure of his lawyers’ emergency application to the European court after being refused leave to appeal to the UK supreme court.

Tappin has been ordered to attend Heathrow police station where US marshals will escort him to the US, the BBC reported.

Mr Tappin, 64, a former director of Orpington-based Brooklands Freight Services, is accused of attempting to export batteries for Hawk air defence missiles, saying he was the victim of entrapment by US government agents. In December 2005, he arranged a shipment of batteries from the US to the Netherlands but a US company appointed to handle import formalities turned out to be a front for customs agents.

The hearing will take place in El Paso, Texas.