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The cure for a bad pack

[ February 3, 2014   //   ]

Transport insurer the TT Club has commissioned Exis Technologies to develop a CTUpack e-learning course to help tackled the problem of poor or improper packing and securing of cargo.

The online training tool is for those involved in the packing and unpacking of cargo transport units such as freight containers, swap bodies or trailers. The course modules focus on the topics of cargo, transport, packing and arrival, including forces and stresses encountered during transport, and how these need careful consideration when packing and securing cargo.  Students are assessed continuously through the course and receive a course completion certificate which records their final score. The e-learning course is accessed via the web and is available for individual training or for national, regional or global company training programs.

The course takes account of the recent revisions to the ILO/IMO/UNECE Guidelines, anticipated to be approved as a non-mandatory, but enforceable, code of practice later this year. CTUpack will evolve to reflect any further changes to the UN documents and other industry good practice guidance.

TT Club says that as many as two thirds of accidents that involve the loss of, or damage to, containerised cargo are thought to be caused by poor or improper packing and securing, a finding that is echoed by the ocean carriers’ Cargo Incident Notification System (CINS). However, since the modern container typically passes through so many handling processes during its journey, it can be difficult to pinpoint liability for an incident, even where poor packing is suspected.

CTUpack e-learningcan be purchased directly from There are discounts for quantity.

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