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There’ll be a lot of whiskey in those jars

[ December 8, 2020   //   ]

Rhenus Project Logistics is currently handling the shipment of around 25 large tanks and their equipment from Kitzingen, Germany to the Old Bushmills Distillery in Northern Ireland as part of the distiller’s expansion programme.  

The lion’s share of approximately 4,000 freight tonnes has already arrived at Foyle Port, and is now being gradually moved to the site 35 miles away.

Freight was loaded on an inland waterway vessel at the port of Kitzingen and taken to the Rhenus Deep Sea Terminal Maasvlakte in Rotterdam and Rhenus Maritime Services organised the onward shipment to Foyle by break bulk cargo vessel. Rhenus Project Logistics then took over the final delivery.

Project manager Yvonne Nikolaus said: “It was not only necessary to handle the plant components sensitively – some of them weigh 22 tonnes, are 17.50 metres long and 5.15 metres high – and package them with great care, but also draw up coordinated transport plans. Selecting a suitable port and handling the initial and final sections of the transport operations were particularly challenging. It was essential to plan and survey the route in great detail because of the height of some of the freight items and coordinate the closure of roads and brief interruptions to power supplies with the local authorities.”

The final delivery to Bushmills is planned to take place in February 2021.