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Tilbury terminal cuts costs and carbon

[ January 24, 2013   //   ]

Tilbury-based The Logistics Terminal (TLT) says it has doubled its throughput in a year and now has an average of 160 containers a week passing through its hub. Aimed at companies looking to distribute goods in smaller quantities directly from a portcentric warehouse, TLT argues that it can reduce bottom-line storage and distribution costs for its customers with its quick and easy access to shipping containers and its capacity to cut out the middleman, as well as its ability to devise logistics solutions.

TLT partner, Richard Newbold, who also runs Triple A Transport Services says that reducing handling of goods between manufacture and delivery to the end-customer minimises potential product damage and also decreases transport miles, particularly inland. Despite the concept being fairly new in the UK, the demand for portcentric operations has never been greater, says Newbold. It reduces fuel used on inland legs whilst cutting carbon emissions as the number of empty shipping containers being hauled across the UK is reduced. Richard_Newbold_TLT

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