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Time for a cuppa -or the odd million – at Multimodal

[ April 25, 2014   //   ]

Typhoo’s Razi Khan will give a demonstration on how to make your own ice tea on Peel Ports’ stand at Multimodal, on Tuesday 2-4pm, commemorating the importance of the nation’s most popular beverage to the port of Liverpool.

Volumes of tea handled by Liverpool have grown exponentially since Typhoo decided ship more raw materials and finished product, says owner, Peel Ports. Typhoo’s processing plant at Moreton, Wirral, produces a million teabags every hour, and, from supplying around 10% of Typhoo’s needs in 2010 the company anticipates that 75% of its requirements will come through Liverpool in 2014.

Peel persuaded Typhoo to switch to Liverpool as its main port in 2011.Typhoo had previously been heavily engaged with Southampton and Felixstowe and the switch came about due to Liverpool’s strength in port centric logistics and Typhoo’s need to cut its carbon emissionss, as well as the need to reduce costs by providing waterborne distribution from Liverpool into the North West of England.

Peel says that the results have been so encouraging that the company is planning to maximise shipment into Liverpool by urging more suppliers to deliver into the port.  For its part, Peel Ports Liverpool is in regular discussion with shipping lines so that Typhoo and other customers benefit from increased competition and improved cost benefits.

CEO of Typhoo Tea, Keith Packer, said: “Peel Ports has been a great partner with Typhoo and we are trying to persuade our suppliers to deliver ever greater volumes into the port. Peel has engaged with the shipping lines and freight forwarders to help us get good service and turnaround time.

“Our Moreton plant imports multi origin raw teas from ports including Mombasa, Cochin, Kolkata, Buenos Aires, Durban, Shanghai, and Jakarta. We also import packaging and machine parts and we work as closely as possible with our supply chain to achieve lower carbon, greater reliability and improved cost efficiency.”

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