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Tower container now comes in handy size

[ March 30, 2022   //   ]

Temperature-controlled specialist Tower Cold Chain is offering a robust lightweight handleable version of its containers.

KTEvolution can easily be carried by one or two people. It offers up to 120 hours performance and is available in 26-litre and 57-litre options across a full temperature range.

Tower says it is ideal for the transportation of pharmaceuticals, life-science, and biotech products that require an internal temperature of -70°c, -20°c, +5°c, +20°C, making it ideal for the growing number of smaller shipments such as direct-to-patient, samples shipment, and last-mile deliveries.

By providing 120+ hour thermal insulation and requiring neither external power nor human intervention during transit, products can be safely and reliably shipped worldwide.

Global head of product development, Martin Hawes said that customers wanted a smaller solution, which offered the same robust, reliable and reusable benefits, but at a size ideal for manual handling.

The KTEvolution’s features a light-weight webbing system which runs around the external body of the container. Designed with integral handles attached at the top (which can be folded into the container surface when not in use), this custom-built harness provides an even distribution of load to simplify handling. 

It uses phase-change technology with lightweight vacuum insulated panels to achieve its long-term thermal protection without any manual intervention. Polyethlene foam is strategically placed in critical areas to protect against impact and shock during transportation.

It also has built-in data-logging technology to provide real-time confirmation of internal temperature.