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Transhipment of military vehicles – a reminder

[ January 30, 2013   //   ]

The Border Agency is reminding businesses to check the rules on export of surplus military vehicles, following a number of seizures at UK ports. If goods are unloaded into a country, that country is considered to be the final destination, even if the goods are being transhipped – any subsequent movement of the goods will be considered to be re-exporting.

For example, vehicles destined for Zambia cannot be first unloaded in Namibia and then moved across land into Zambia, as this would not be permitted under the Open General Export Licence (Military Surplus Vehicles) as Namibia is not a permitted destination under Schedule 2 of this licence. Exports could however apply for a Standard Individual Export Licence in these circumstances.

Any exporters who believe that they might have breached the terms of their licence should make a voluntary declaration to HM Revenue and Customs –

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