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Transport groups call for ‘no-quota’ trucking deal

[ September 28, 2020   //   ]

Transport business groups and associations from across Europe have written to Brexit negotiators Michel Barnier and David Frost to reach a deal on trucking after the UK leaves the European Union. The letter was coordinated by the International Road Transport Union (IRU) and was signed by 33 organisations, including Logistics UK.

It called on both parties to reach a deal to protect the ongoing movement of trucks between the EU and UK, as well as allowing transit through their respective territories without the introduction of haulage permits and quota systems. 

Logistics UK European policy manager Sarah Laouadi, said: “Negotiation of a free trade agreement between the UK and EU is still possible, and we are urging both sides to keep seeking this resolution. Without a free trade agreement, one would face a disheartening choice between a patchwork of fragmented national arrangements, and a world where the shortage of transport capacity on EU-UK routes is endorsed as official policy. Either option would be a lose-lose outcome.”

Haulage permits and quotas would not be viable for the volumes of traffic between the UK and its largest trading partner, she said.

IRU general delegate to the EU, Raluca Marian also pointed out: “Commercial road transport has heavily suffered during the COVID-19 pandemic, with the 2020 revenue loss for European goods transport operators estimated at EUR 64 billion. Additional costs incurred due to the absence of a UK-EU agreement at the end of the year would be another blow for businesses and should be avoided by any means.”