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Truck platoons go live

[ February 16, 2018   //   ]

DB Schenker, MAN Truck & Bus and Hochschule Fresenius said they were deploying networked (platooned) trucks for the first time in a practical application after the truck maker handed over the test vehicles for the joint platooning project to DB Schenker at its headquarters in Munich on 13 February.

MAN board member of for research and development, Dr Frederik Zohm, explained: “We have already proved that platooning technology works in various predecessor projects, such as the European Truck Platooning Challenge in 2016. Adapting this technology to the real every day conditions of the logistics sector is the challenge we are now tackling.”

The venture, established in May 2017, will test truck convoys over several months as part of DB Schenker’s scheduled operations in real traffic scenarios on the A9autobahn between Munich and Nuremberg. It will also be the first time that professional truck drivers from DB Schenker will replace test drivers at the wheel.

The work will also research the impact of the new technology on drivers.