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TruckPol is back

[ March 8, 2014   //   ]

TruckPol, the joint industry and and haulage industry partnership dedicated to fighting freight crime, is to reopen following sponsorship and support from the National Business Crime Solution (NBCS). TruckPol was shut down in March 2012 due to a withdrawal of Home Office funding.

NBCS will launch a freight and logistics crime desk that will work with local constabularies to help identify key hot spots and criminal trends through centralised and collective data sharing.

Catherine Bowen, Policy & Stakeholder Director at the National Business Crime Solution, said: “We are delighted to be re-launching TruckPol. However, the success of TruckPol is dependent on having a regular and consistent flow of crime data from both the police and industry. That’s why we have today contacted each Chief Constable announcing the re-launch of TruckPol and requesting their support through the regular supply of freight crime data.”

The NBCS is underpinned by a live information and intelligence-sharing platform. Registered users can submit their business crime data into the system and this information is then collated, analysed and disseminated to other participating business members locally, regionally, nationally or by sector.

Alerts will also be disseminated to the industry and law enforcement agencies to increase their awareness of criminal and other suspicious activities.

For more information on TruckPol and the NBCS, contact Catherine Bowen at


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