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TT Club cuts through Brexit complexity

[ October 27, 2020   //   ]

TT Club has launched a Brexit webpage resource in an attempt to bring clarity to the complexities and the uncertainties of Brexit. It aims to collate, in a single accessible location, a wide variety of available information that is likely to be of importance to its Members and entities across all jurisdictions and disciplines in the freight supply chain. Through researched articles and the webpage’s dynamic frequently asked questions area, TT will endeavour to develop practical guidance and advice in relation to the complex challenges that have already arisen and will continue to emerge in the wake of Brexit.

Unfortunately, of course, many issues are yet to be clarified at government level and until such time that there is definitive guidance on customs procedures, trade agreements and solutions to potential transport disruption, no supply chain stakeholder will have the knowledge to prepare themselves entirely. TT’s webpage will continue to be updated through the process and respond to identified industry concerns.