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Tyne brews up a success story

[ September 12, 2019   //   ]

Port of Tyne says that it has imported imported 45 tonnes of coffee beans in the first three weeks of a new partnership with Newcastle-owned Ringtons – enough to make 4.5 million cups. The family-owned firm offers a doorstep delivery service but is perhaps best known as a tea merchant. However, its coffee business has grown substantially in recent years.

Port of Tyne has over 15 years’ experience in handling tea and now handles over a third of the UK’s imports and has handled all Ringtons business since 2012.

Ringtons head of coffee, Stephen Drysdale, said: “Previously our coffee was stored in Antwerp and transferred by truck, which meant it had to travel by road to our facilities in Newcastle; switching from Antwerp to receiving direct containers from origin via the Port of Tyne offers us a more environmentally friendly, time efficient and cost-effective solution.”

Coffee beans arrive by ship direct from Brazil, Mexico and Honduras and are stored at the Port of Tyne, before being delivered direct to the Ringtons roasting facility in Newcastle.

Ringtons Head of Coffee Stephen Drysdale in Warehouse 21 at the Port of Tyne.