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UK warehouse space nearly full, warns UKWA

[ July 3, 2019   //   ]

United Kingdom Warehousing Association (UKWA) chief executive Peter Ward warned that storage space is nearly full as firms attempt to mitigate the impact of a no deal Brexit on the BBC Newsnight programme on 2 July.

He said: “Stockpiling before the potential no-deal Brexit on October 31 may be near impossible. There is little available space. The market, as represented by our members, is virtually at full volume.”

Ward added that for the most part the demand is for fully serviced logistics solutions with racking, materials handling equipment, labour and connectable warehouse management systems, not empty buildings with landlords seeking long-term lease commitments. In any event, adding new real estate to the system could take a number of years, “and I can’t see any increase in capacity by October,” Ward added.