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Unions take P&O Ferries protest to DP World HQ

[ April 22, 2022   //   ]

More than 50 trade union leaders from across the globe have descended on the London offices of the Dubai-based owner of DP World, to protest against the sacking of almost 800 workers at its subsidiary, P&O Ferries.

The say that by allowing its P&O Ferries’ management to sack a unionised workforce en-masse with no consultation, DP World has clearly broken its pledge to uphold ‘freedom of association and the effective recognition of the right to collective bargaining, as outlined in the United Nations Global Compact in 2019, which the company signed up to.

They are calling on DP World executives from Dubai to step in for P&O Ferries chief executive Peter Hebblethwaite to go.

They also called for the UK government to introduce a ‘fair ferries agreement’ for vessels operating between the UK and mainland Europe.