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Unreasonable rates? Your forwarder can help, says Millennium Cargo chief

[ March 25, 2020   //   ]

Seeking the advice of an independent freight forwarder will give traders the best possible chance to get their goods moving, says managing director of Millennium Cargo, Chadd Blunt.

Disruptions such as employee self-isolation, quarantine of ships, port closures and strict travel restrictions have resulted in serious shortages in freight capacity across the globe.

The backlog from China has also has given rise to severely hiked freight costs in line with the growing demand for space.

He said: “Only last week a quote for one shipment came in that was 200% higher than the going rate– and my concern is that rates will only continue to rise over the next coming weeks.

He commented: “In my 30 years of experience in the industry I have never known freight capacity to be in such high demand.

“There is a lot of uncertainty surrounding freight at the minute but If companies are in limbo and still looking to move goods it is crucial that they seek the advice of an expert who has extensive knowledge and experience in the sector as everyone is currently fighting for space.”

“In order to navigate past the severe backlog, myself and the team at Millennium Cargo can help to provide an efficient and cost effective way of keeping goods moving by utilising a mix of options drawing on our diverse expertise in road, sea and air.”