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UPS buys UK pharma specialist

[ February 11, 2014   //   ]

UPS has completed the purchase of UK-based temperature-sensitive pharmaceutical specialist Polar Speed. It specialises in active temperature-controlled deliveries to hospitals, pharmacies, wholesalers, surgery centres and even direct to patients. It operates a fleet of 118 actively monitored temperature-controlled vehicles for transporting both 2-8°C refrigerated and 15-25°C products in accordance with Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) guidelines. Vehicles have on-board temperature recorders and alarms to alert drivers of potential temperature excursions as well as a PolarTrack, an online portal linked to a satellite navigation system allowing customers to access real-time delivery status and temperature conditions of their products.

The acquisition also adds three facilities with advanced warehousing management systems, full quality assurance services, and an experienced workforce to UPS’s existing global healthcare network, now totaling 45 healthcare facilities.

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