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UPS cuts the carbon and sets new goal

[ August 1, 2014   //   ]

UPS has set a new goal to cut its carbon emissions by 20% after reaching its 2016 three years early. The express logistics firm had aimed to reduce its air and ground fleet’s carbon output by 10% by 2016.

UPS describes its current 3,647 alternative fuel and advanced technology vehicles worldwide as a “rolling laboratory” to test, optimize and deploy new-generation vehicles. In 2013, it ramped up use of cleaner-burning natural gas vehicles and is on target to deploy more than 1,000 LNG tractors by the end of 2014. The natural gas tractor fleet is running more than 2 million miles per week.

The On-Road Integrated Optimization and Navigation (ORION) system introduced in 2013 uses algorithms and telematics to determine the optimum routes for UPS drivers to pick up and deliver that day’s packages.

It can also calculate how many metric tons of greenhouse gases arise from customer’s shipping activity and advise on how to operate their logistics more efficiently.