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US crooks target static cargo

[ January 19, 2022   //   ]

Third quarter theft data in the US shows a trend away from ‘on the move’ targets to locations where cargo is temporarily stored and delivered, says insurer, the TT Club.  Targeted locations include traditional warehouses and depots where containers and trailers are being held awaiting collection, many of which are temporary facilities in port areas without adequate security regimes, it adds.

TT Club and the business improvement and standards company BSI have highlighted the increased risk of theft from storage facilities seen over the past few months in the US.

The proportion of cargo theft from facilities rose from 7% in 2020 to 25% in the third quarter this year  while theft of vehicles fell from 47% in 2020 to 15%; in addition, hijackings halved from 20% to 10%.

TT Club’s managing director, loss prevention Mike Yarwood, said: “The is little doubt that the problems of supply chain disruption that are currently bedevilling the US freight transport system, particularly that of container congestion at ports and inland hubs, is creating increased opportunities for thieves. The static nature of cargo in these circumstances, often stored in temporary and less secure facilities, leads to criminal ingenuity adapting the modus operandi of theft in a typically resourceful way.”

TT has a webpage dedicated to advice on improving supply chain security at: