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US drops screening deadline

[ October 6, 2011   //   ]

The International Air Cargo Association (TIACA) has applauded the US Department of Homeland Security Transportation Security Administration’s (TSA) decision not to impose the end-2011 deadline for 100% screening of cargo on US-bound international passenger aircraft.
TIACA chairman Michael Steen said the TSA shown foresight in its decision not to proceed and had listened to the industry.

In April, the chairman of  of TIACA’s Security Sub-committee, Neel Shah, warned of ‘significant global supply chain disruption’ if TSA enforced its deadline and called for more resources to review the process and to validate foreign security programs.
Steen added that he expected further consultation with TSA and other industry partners to maintain the highest possible levels of air cargo and aviation security.

Pictured: TIACA chairman Michael Steen