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US platform vows to ‘cut out freight forwarding middlemen’

[ April 6, 2022   //   ]

US-based supply chain platform and brand collective IBrands Global, has launched a logistics company that it says will “cut out the freight forwarding middlemen that are typically relied upon in the industry”.

Remcoda Express is a described as a full-service freight and logistics company that will use direct contracts with ocean shipping carriers, a fleet of its own trucks and equipment and a team of freight operators

It provides services from picking up containers at the ports, attaching loading them onto trailers, warehousing and final deliveries. The move is expected to save the company up to 30% in shipping costs, says IBrands.

Family-owned IBrands Global, founded by Marc Garson, describes itself as a lifestyle brand collective. Its portfolio of companies include those in fashion and accessories, consumer goods, health and wellness, travel and food service. They include Bluzen, bebe, EBY, Alloy Apparel, Pam & Gela and Calibreeze and a large number of private label programs for the nation’s largest retailers, distributors and restaurant chains. Since the pandemic, IBrands, through its Remcoda food service division, has become the leading importer of safety equipment to the US.

IBrands Global and Remcoda chief executive, Remy Garson, said: “With the current supply chain disruptions and soaring fuel prices, which are driving up the costs of freight and raw materials, we see a greater need than ever to control as much of our supply chain as possible. That means developing new technologies and in-house capabilities to manage the international and domestic flow of freight while removing layered costs throughout the supply chain.”

Chief operating officer Cole Garson added that the company ultimately wanted to make the services Remcoda Express provided to the company internally available to its customers and partners. He said: “We see this as a new valuable business line for IBrands since we are solving a challenge facing our industry that won’t be going away any time soon.”