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Video marks Windrush Day in Tilbury

[ June 22, 2020   //   ]

National Windrush Day at Tilbury will this year be celebrated by a short video to celebrate the contribution – to the NHS especially – of immigrants from the West Indies and the role of the Port of Tilbury in their arrival in the 72 years ago on 22 June 1948.

Stuart Wallace, chair of Tilbury on the Thames Trust and Chief operating officer at Forth Ports said: “We are proud of the part the Port of Tilbury played when the SS Empire Windrush arrived in our port 72 years ago. It is so important to remember the positive impact the Windrush generation played then and now in our local and national culture as well as the role in the beginning of our much-valued NHS which also celebrates its 72nd anniversary this year.

“At the port we will continue to hold events and create educational opportunities for the community for Windrush Day. Although we cannot have a celebration together today as we usually do, we hope we can gather for Windrush Day 2021 here at the port where it all began.”  (Credit: The Port of Tilbury)