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Virgin first to offer new pharma container

[ January 25, 2018   //   ]

Virgin Atlantic Cargo has become the first UK airline to approve the use of CSafe’s new RAP container for temperature-sensitive healthcare products.

Following its approval by the US Federal Aviation Administration and the European Aviation Safety Agency, the unit has now been approved by Virgin across its international network. The CSafe RAP is the only FAA and EASA approved active compressor-driven container.

Virgin already offers the CSafe RKN container as well as Envirotainer’s RKN t2, RAP t2, RKN e1 and RAP e2 units for temperature-controlled pharma products.

The CSafe RAP uses CSafe’s active Temperature Management System, which uses compressor driven cooling technology and a radiant heating system (depending on the ambient temperature), in conjunction with CSafe’s ThermoCor vacuum insulation panel technology. This maintains a strict payload temperature setting throughout transportation, regardless of the actual ambient conditions.

With a maximum payload weight of 4,819kg, the CSafe RAP accepts up to four US wooden pallets or five Euro pallets. It can also be bulk loaded directly on the floor of the container to increase payload volume due to the design of the under-floor air recirculation system, and offers an extended battery run time of up to 100 hours for typical shipments.

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