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Water colours

[ August 19, 2016   //   ]

Look again – this isn’t a photo of an offshore support vessel but a painting by a member of the Royal Society of Marine Artists.

The society is holding its annual exhibition at the Mall Galleries in London – 28 September to 8 October (10am to 5pm but closes 1pm on the final day).

The largest-ever contemporary marine art exhibition, it features 414 works by 153 artists, depicting ocean-going vessels, dinghies and day-boats, harbours and beaches, even what lies under the sea.
The society depicts all aspects of the maritime industries, from cargo ships, ice patrol vessels, cruise liners and fishing boats, to dock construction with steam hammers, dry dockyards, engines and men, dwarfed by the size of the ships they are working on, welding (above and below water), painting and taking their lunch-breaks.
Even better, mention Freight Business Journal at the Gallery Desk and readers gain free entry (normal price £6).

It isn’t all photo-realism either, for those who lean more towards the Impressionist style. Society president, Elizabeth Smith, says, “I do hope that many of the works … will make you say – yes, they’ve captured perfectly something of the essence of that scene – be that the light or the mood, the colour, of the shapes, the movement, energy or excitement, the tranquillity, quietness or stillness”.

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