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Watkin to help Europa hang on to top talent

[ May 20, 2019   //   ]

Europa Worldwide Group has set up a talent nurture programme headed up by newly appointed head of talent, Laura Watkin (pictured).

Aimed at addressing sector wide issues including employee engagement levels and attrition rates it has been designed to secure and retain talent of all levels across the group, although it points out that its own 18-20% annual turnover is below the industry average of 26%.

The new approach aims to cut staff turnover significantly, reward loyalty and create a long term, committed workforce across the organisation.

Watkin will be responsible for overseeing and implementing ‘talent nurturing’ throughout the careers of Europa’s 900 employees. The programme will include learning and development; coaching and mentoring; early career management; succession planning; appraisals; and the implementation of a series of holistic attrition policies, including exit interviews to understand reasons behind leaving, as well as a review of benefits such as pension, healthcare and life assurance arrangements.

In addition, Watkin will oversee Europa’s Rapid Career Development Programme (RCDP), a fast track scheme for young people to reach senior leadership roles within four years of joining the organisation.

She joins Europa Worldwide Group from Teach First and will oversee a team of three, including Mark Chopping and Vanita Dass-Puri.