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We’ll stick with freighters, says Lufthansa chief

[ March 20, 2015   //   ]

Demand for freighters is still strong, despite the decision by British Airways to axe its all-cargo planes and Air France KLM’s drastic slimming down of its operation, Lufthansa Cargo chief executive Peter Gerber (pictured) told a press conference on 19 March.

Describing BA’s arguments that all-cargo aircraft were not now necessary as “a brilliant attempt to sell defeat, he said that the German airline would remain faithful to the freighteer concept. The market was still growing and pinch-points could emerge on major routes such as Asia-Europe.

Gerber also hailed the success of Lufthansa’s joint venture with ANA, which started in the westbound direction in December and is due to be extended to the eastbound leg between Europe and Japan in the summer.

He also suggested that another, similar agreement could be signed with another carrier during 2015.

Lufthansa’s operating profit was €100 million in 2014, despite the long-running pilots’ strike throughout the year and which is continuing into 2015.

The Lufthansa chief hopes to get approval for the LCCneo cargo hub at Frankfurt during 2015, although the project is running about two years behind schedule due to the discovery of difficult soil conditions.Peter_Gerber resized