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We’re pro-Europe, says Palletways

[ February 5, 2016   //   ]

Delivering to or picking up goods from Switzerland is a third more expensive and takes 24 hours longer than to other EU countries says Palletways in a case study published by the CBI on 5 February. The p allet network operator adds that there are also different rules which apply to its drivers working in Switzerland, which adds an extra layer of complication to manage it says in the paper for the business organisation, which is in favour of the UK remaining in the Union.

Palletways adds that EU membership makes the potentially complex process of setting up European hubs simpler “because the rules for operating in Leeds and London are the same as those in Madrid and Milan.”

Palletways adds: “We have benefited from a single EU market, which has played a key part in our growth ambitions over the last 20 years. A key area of focus for us is ensuring that our network is integrated and seen as one company across all our European operations. This would be more difficult within Europe if the UK was not part of the EU market.”

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