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We’ve cleared the backlog, says Rotterdam

[ May 7, 2021   //   ]

The port of Rotterdam said on 7 May that it had process almost all the vessels caught up in the Suez Canal after the grounding of the Ever Given on 23 March. The port authority said that 54 vessels had now been processed, with two ongoing, three cancelled, one is at anchor and four are en route, including the Ever Given, which at the time of writing had been seized by the Egyptian authorities.

The port set up a consultative panel to support the terminals in processing the 64 container ships en route to Rotterdam. It said: “We are proud of how well Rotterdam addressed this, but things remain very busy and challenging at the terminals.”

It added that the system had operated well but it was vital continue to address and discuss the various congestion signals in the market.

Consultation led to improved use of the existing infrastructure outside the terminals with restricted delivery times at the terminals resulting in a more efficient supply of full containers. The consultative panel also attempted a shift to more overnight and weekend distribution, but says this was not really a success.