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Who bloomin’ forgot?

[ February 15, 2021   //   ]

Hands up who let the significance of yesterday’s date (14 February) pass them by? Let’s hope she’s let you out of the doghouse now.

But there was no chance of the folk at IAG Cargo being unaware of the approach of Valentine’s Day as it transported nearly 450 tonnes of cut flowers across its network.

Nor were there any signs that the lovestruck were using Covid 19 as the excuse not to bother this year, as the cargo carrier shifted around 18 million stems.

Over the past few weeks IAG Cargo has been running flights across its network, including four flights a week from Nairobi, Kenya into London Heathrow and flights from Nairobi into the US.

Valentine’s Day flowers rely on a complex supply chain, with air freight offering a fast and reliable service. The process sees flowers hit shelves within 72 hours of being cut, with temperatures between 0 – 2°C maintained from the farm to shop

Obviously, the wilted stems in our local petrol station arrive via a less professional operation.