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Who can foretell future Irish Sea demand?

[ December 20, 2021   //   ]

Stena Line has redeployed its larger Stena Foreteller ship to the Belfast-Birkenhead (Liverpool) route, adding 13% more freight capacity.

Freight routes between Britain and Ireland have witnessed a decline of up to 25% whilst trade routes into Northern Ireland from Britain have seen month on month increases caused in the main by the impact of Brexit.

Stena Line trade director (Irish Sea) Paul Grant, commented: “We are seeing a prolonged distortion of the market in terms of the preferred freight routes between Britain and the island of Ireland.  This presents an ongoing challenge for the entire logistics industry to keep pace with shifting demand and preferences. We now have seven ships dedicated to our Belfast hub.”

He added that despite the introduction of two brand new e-Flexer vessels to the route, demand still continues to grow, adding: “It remains to be seen to what extent the current market distortions will become a permanent feature of trade between Britain and the island of Ireland. We will continue to listen to our customers and provide our freight capacity to where it is most needed.”