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Zeebrugge asks truckers: Are you ready for Brexit?

[ March 20, 2019   //   ]

The port of Zeebrugge is urging its users to get ready for Brexit and not to arrive at its gates without completing the necessary formalities.

It says that operators need to register for an EORI number with Customs and to follow the RX/SeaPort WIZARD, which shows each phase of the import and export process (

It has also developed a digital system, E-Desk Ferry, for ferry transport. Through the system, export users notify the terminal operator of the arrival of their cargo including the type of document, customs office, MRN number, unit number, terminal and booking reference and which allows cargo to be released for transport!

A FLUX app, designed to guide truck drivers to and through the port will prove to be a useful tool in case of a hard Brexit, it adds. It offers real-time information such as traffic updates, route adjustments and parking opportunities to drivers.

The port authority has added two extra parking locations for cargo that has not been cleared for transport.