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Updated: Agility drivers in ‘standoff’ with Kenya police

[ March 17, 2015   //   ]

The ITF (International Transport Workers’ Federation) reported on 18 March that armed Kenyan riot police make ready to attack truck drivers working for Kuwait-based Agility Logistics, near the towns of Kanaan and Mai Mahiu.

It said that the drivers are protesting against enforced driving shifts of up to 24 hours and the company’s refusal to recognise their chosen trade union.

The drivers returned to work the following day after the companies’ undertook to pay the striking truckers and to ensure they suffer no repercussions.

ITF claims that drivers have been attacked over the weekend while sleeping in their cabs and have had guns pushed in their faces by police supplied with spare keys by managers. At Kanaan in Voi, a similar move by police was only defeated by the local community, who rallied around the drivers. Today the forces are being heavily reinforced with further armed riot police in protective equipment. The union adds: “A further attack on the drivers is clearly imminent unless halted by national and international pressure on the authorities and the company.”

Joe Katende, ITF Africa regional secretary, said: “Matters are at crisis point. The CEO of Agility Logistics must use his influence to get the police reined in. The authorities must pull them back.”

ITF said it was contacting Agility Logistics to get it to use its influence to avoid bloodshed

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