Union calls for priority vaccines for sea and air workers

The International Transport Workers’ Federation (ITF) has called for seafarers and aviation workers to be prioritised by governments in their Covid-19 vaccination programmes. It follow a joint UN statement supporting this position. ITF says that transport workers and their families have been in the front lines of moving people and cargo during the pandemic to ensure that essential supplies, food and medicines continue to get through. International seafarers must be vaccinated as ... [+]

Dockers join cargo handling group ICHCA

The International Transport Workers’ Federation dockers’ section has joined the International Cargo Handling and Coordinating Association (ICHCA) to advance the rights and safety of workers globally. An ITF delegation recently attended ICHCA’s International 20/20 Cargo Vision Conference and Exhibition led by Steve Biggs from Unite the Union and Bob Dhaliwhal ... [+]

Striking drivers ‘face death penalty’ in Iran

The International Transport Workers’ Federation (ITF) said on 2 October that it was concerned about the Iranian government's reaction to a strike by truck drivers, which is in its second week. About 150 drivers have have reportedly been arrested and a spokesperson for the judiciary has threatened “heavy punishment.” The ... [+]

Unions take on XPO

The International Transport Workers’ Federation has set up an XPO global leadership group to tackle what it describes as the company’s anti-worker, anti-union stance. ITF general secretary Steve Cotton said that US-owned XPO was “making huge profits on the backs of its workers, and our member unions.” [+]

DP World unions get together

The International Transport Federation is setting up an alliance of 17 trade unions at DP World terminals around the world, aiming to raise standards in health and safety, automation and contract labour. It will set out its first series of objectives at a ITF dockers’ conference in Cape Town, South Africa ... [+]

Workers protest against ‘IKEA exploitation’

Transport trade unions staged demonstrations in Germany and Sweden during February highlighting the plight of drivers working for subcontractors to IKEA. The said that they were working on the road for weeks and months on end, earning inferior wages, living in their trucks and subject to the abuse of social, ... [+]

Trade pact ‘would enhance shipping and airline powers’

Classified documents published on 3 June by Wikileaks on the Trade in Services Agreement (TISA) included several measures that would enhance the power of shipping lines, air carriers and mulitmodal transport operators, says the International Transport Workers’ Federation. ITF that the proposed agreement would enhance the bargaining power of major shipping ... [+]

Updated: German unions see red over DHL tactics

The International Transport Workers’ Federation (ITF) and UNI Global Union says that thousands of ver.di union members at Deutsche Post-DHL will strike this week in a dispute over ending of a collective agreement and pay rates. ITF general secretary Steve Cotton accused the logistics company of “trying to divide and ... [+]

Updated: Agility drivers in ‘standoff’ with Kenya police

The ITF (International Transport Workers’ Federation) reported on 18 March that armed Kenyan riot police make ready to attack truck drivers working for Kuwait-based Agility Logistics, near the towns of Kanaan and Mai Mahiu. It said that the drivers are protesting against enforced driving shifts of up to 24 hours and ... [+]

ITF complains over Jordan arrests

The International Transport Workers’ Federation has complained to the government of Jordan over the arrests on 14 October of around 150 trade unionists at the Aqaba Container Terminals facility run by APM Terminals. The port workers had begun a strike on 13 October which but strikebreakers were reportedly brought in ... [+]

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