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Air France urged to end monkey shipments

[ June 16, 2017   //   ]

Animal protection organisation Cruelty Free International has renewed its call for Air France to end the transport of research monkeys, saying that it had received information of secret primate shipments from Mauritius. According to an investigation, 120 long-tailed macaques were shipped by Air France from Mauritius to Chicago via Paris France on 26 April, crammed into wooden transit crates. They were held at Charles De Gaulle Airport for nine hours.

Cruelty Free international director of special projects, Sarah Kite, said: “While holidaymakers on Air France Flight 463 were enjoying in-flight comfort, they would have been totally unaware that, just below their feet, 120 unwilling non-human primate ‘passengers’, torn from their families and imprisoned in small wooden crates, were suffering in the dark and noisy cargo hold..”

CF says that Air France is the only known European passenger airline that still transports primates for research.