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Alarm bells ring out as Parliament rejects another Brexit plan

[ March 29, 2019   //   ]

The Freight Transport Association is urging the logistics industry to prepare for “the disruptive impact of a no deal Brexit in less than two weeks’ time” after Parliament rejected the government’s proposed Withdrawal Agreement on 29 March. It said the risk of a no deal departure had been heightened.

It warned: “This is no menial task: logistics and supply chain managers in the UK will face what is possibly their biggest challenge in a generation.  However, FTA welcomes the temporary easements conceded by both sides.  While logistics will do its best to meet the challenge, the costs and disruptions to supply chains generated by a no deal outcome – which go well beyond potential delays at the border – should not be underestimated, and neither should their negative impact on the competitiveness of UK PLC.”