FTA asks Gove for more time

The Freight Transport Association has written to Michael Gove asking for sufficient time allowed at the end of the negotiations to enable the logsitics industry to adapt to new arrangements, whatever is agreed. Policy director Elizabeth de Jong said on 10 June  that it looked looks more and more likely that consensus will not be reached between the two sides until the eleventh hour, at the end of the UK’s transition period for leaving the ... [+]

Crunch time beckons for Brexit talks

With the latest round of Brexit negotiations getting under way between the UK and EU on 1 , the Freight Transport Association is urging officials to prioritise the needs of the industry on both sides of the Channel in the talks. FTA European policy manager Sarah Laouadi, said: “It is of paramount importance ... [+]

Amid the turmoil, Brexit talks get underway

Despite the corona virus chaos reigning in Europe, Brexit negotiations got under way in earnest in Brussels on 17 March, reports the Freight Transport Association. The logistics industry organisation reminded UK and EU negotiators to prioritise agreements on connectivity for transport.  While these decisions may seem trivial to observers, said FTA ... [+]

Many questions remain as Brexit gets green light

With the Withdrawal Agreement receiving royal assent on 23 January, the Freight Transport Association warned that many questions still needed to be answered on the UK’s future relations with the European Union. Director of policy Elizabeth de Jong, said: ““While FTA is pleased to see the Withdrawal Agreement has received royal assent ... [+]

Migrant limits will cripple logistics, warns FTA

The FTA has criticised the government’s proposal to bring forward restrictions on ‘low skilled’ EU migrants, saying it will worsen the severe labour shortage in the logistics sector. It called on the government to  reconsider its approach to ensure the sector can continue operating. Head of skills policy Sally Gilson, called on the Prime ... [+]

Freight industry still in the dark over Brexit, warns FTA

The Freight Transport Association is calling on the government to answer questions about the UK’s future trading arrangements with the EU after the Brexit transition period.  following comments from the Chancellor, Sajid Javid, suggesting a hardening in the government’s approach to Brexit, and his suggestion that industry has had more ... [+]

Logistics needs migrant workers, says FTA

It is crucial that businesses can continue to access non-UK workers, particularly when UK workers are not available to take up vacancies, said the Freight Transport Association in its response to the government’s call for evidence regarding the salary threshold for a future immigration policy. With unemployment at its lowest ... [+]

FTA welcomes stay of execution

The Freight Transport Association has welcomed the announcement on 24 October that the EU has approved the extension of two contingency measures by another seven months to maintain road haulage and air connectivity in the event of a No Deal Brexit. It said it would bring some measure of certainty ... [+]

Heathrow third runway vital for post-Brexit Britain, says FTA

The Freight Transport Association says that an expanded Heathrow Airport is vital to support the UK's global trading ambitions after Brexit, according to FTA, as consultation on the controversial third runway closed on 13 September. Head of multimodal policy Alex Veitch, warned that air freight growth had stalled in recent years due to capacity constraints, and a ... [+]

FTA welcomes Commission’s stay of execution

The Freight Transport Association (FTA) has welcomed plans by the European Commission to extend the period of operation of its contingency measures for road haulage and aviation. However, while this would give UK logistics operators welcome breathing space as they continue their Brexit preparations, it would give only seven more ... [+]

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