Logistics needs migrant workers, says FTA

It is crucial that businesses can continue to access non-UK workers, particularly when UK workers are not available to take up vacancies, said the Freight Transport Association in its response to the government’s call for evidence regarding the salary threshold for a future immigration policy. With unemployment at its lowest on record, the logistics industry is reliant on EEA workers to help support vital occupations such as LGV/van drivers, as ... [+]

FTA welcomes stay of execution

The Freight Transport Association has welcomed the announcement on 24 October that the EU has approved the extension of two contingency measures by another seven months to maintain road haulage and air connectivity in the event of a No Deal Brexitit said it would bring some measure of certainty to ... [+]

Heathrow third runway vital for post-Brexit Britain, says FTA

The Freight Transport Association says that an expanded Heathrow Airport is vital to support the UK's global trading ambitions after Brexit, according to FTA, as consultation on the controversial third runway closed on 13 September. Head of multimodal policy Alex Veitch, warned that air freight growth had stalled in recent years due to capacity constraints, and a ... [+]

FTA welcomes Commission’s stay of execution

The Freight Transport Association (FTA) has welcomed plans by the European Commission to extend the period of operation of its contingency measures for road haulage and aviation. However, while this would give UK logistics operators welcome breathing space as they continue their Brexit preparations, it would give only seven more ... [+]

FTA urges potential PMs to draw back from No Deal

The Freight Transport Association has written to both Conservative Party leadership candidates to urge them to consider the impact a ‘No deal Brexit’ would have on UK-EU supply chains. “FTA has worked closely with government over the past three years to develop contingency plans for a No Deal Brexit,” explains James ... [+]

No Deal would be disaster for Northern Ireland trade, says FTA

The Freight Transport Association says that a Northern Ireland Civil Service (NICS) paper on the province’s trade and investment prospects after a No Deal Brexit – published on 10 July - shows it would be an unacceptable outcome for the country’s logistics businesses. The NICS report concluded that a No Deal ... [+]

Brexit could derail rail freight growth, FTA warns

Challenging times lie ahead for the rail freight sector, according to FTA’s 2019 Logistics Report, launched in association with Santander Corporate and Commercial Banking. While domestic bulk and semi-bulk rail freight grew beyond all expectations in 2018 more challenging times lie ahead for the sector, with the uncertainty surrounding Brexit, it ... [+]

Get ready for Brexit, urges FTA

Freight Transport Association deputy chief executive James Hookham is urging the industry not to get lulled into a false sense of security over possible delays to Brexit and to activate their No Deal readiness plans for possible implementation this weekend. While the latest BBC reports suggest that the EU is expected to ... [+]

Alarm bells ring out as Parliament rejects another Brexit plan

The Freight Transport Association is urging the logistics industry to prepare for “the disruptive impact of a no deal Brexit in less than two weeks' time” after Parliament rejected the government's proposed Withdrawal Agreement on 29 March. It said the risk of a no deal departure had been heightened. It warned: ... [+]

Time to register trailers, says FTA

FTA is reminding hauliers to register their commercial trailers with the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) before planning to take them into any European country that ratified the 1968 Vienna Convention on Road Traffic after 28 March. (Not all EU countries ratified the Convention including Spain, Malta and Ireland). ... [+]

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