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Anti cabotage coalition forms

[ June 6, 2014   //   ]

A group of 11 EU member states, led by the French and including Denmark Germany, Belgium, Denmark, Italy, the Netherlands and Spain but not the UK – signed a declaration against ‘social dumping’ in road transport in Europe at a meeting outside the 5 June Transport Council in Luxembourg.

As well as asking the Commission to consider illegal practices such as the use of ‘letter box companies’ by Western firms to replace their drivers by East European ones, effective action to ensure that employees working outside their home country have the same rights as those of the host country and the development of minimum social standards in road transport, they also asked the Commission to refrain from further liberalisation of road cabotage until social and labour conditions are more harmonised.

The ten signatories could create a blocking minority to any Commission proposal to open up cabotage.

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