Norway imposes minimum wage rule

Norway will introduce a minimum wage law for foreign drivers on 1 July, for cabotage and/or international transports to and from the country. BIFA reports that drivers of vehicles over 3.5 tonnes will be entitled to a minimum wage of NOK 158,32 (€18,23) per hour where there is a loading and/or unloading in Norway. According to the regulation, it will apply to foreign drivers employed by non-Norwegian entities who are ... [+]

Three-journey cabotage rule to go?

A proposal to remove the current three-journey limit on cabotage operations could be included in the European Commission's new road transport package now expected to be unveiled in early 2016, say Brussels sources. The Commission says that the rule – under which transport operations are only supposed to carry out ... [+]

New plan to simplify cabotage rules

The Juncker Commission published on 17 December plans to simplify and clarify legislation on access to the occupation of road transport operator and on access to the international road haulage market, while dealing with the social dumping issues. One of the problems with existing cabotages rules is that they can ... [+]

Anti cabotage coalition forms

A group of 11 EU member states, led by the French and including Denmark Germany, Belgium, Denmark, Italy, the Netherlands and Spain but not the UK - signed a declaration against 'social dumping' in road transport in Europe at a meeting outside the 5 June Transport Council in Luxembourg. As well ... [+]

Put the brakes on new road cabotage laws, urges union

The European Transport Workers’ Federation mounted a European action day on 14 May to try and persuade the European Commission to drop plans to free up road cabotage. The ETF says that, three years into the adoption of the new road cabotage rules, the sector is rife with ‘social dumping’ ... [+]

Clecat suggests way forward on cabotage

Clecat, the European forwarders' group, has suggested that the rules for cabotage be simplified as a prelude to the complete opening up of the haulage market in the EU. It suggests that the conditions for establishment of a haulage operation be streamlined; at the same time the definition of cabotage ... [+]

MEP set to put brakes on cabotage plan

Belgian left-wing MEP Saïd El Khadraoui, who heads the Socialist members in the European Committee on Transport, says he wants to put the brakes on plans to further liberalise road cabotage laws in the EU. He said that as long as the social and working conditions of drivers and enforcement ... [+]

We need cabotage, say car traders

The UK's Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders has described proposed new cabotage rules as not fit for purpose t in its response to a call for feedback on the issue. It said that was essential to use non-UK hauliers to meet the surge in demand around the surge in demand ... [+]

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