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APM fast tracks Italy imports

[ September 16, 2021   //   ]

APM Terminals has opened a Fast Corridor between its Vado Ligure’s reefer terminal’s temporary storage warehouse in north-west Italy and customer Nord Ovest, 75 kilometres away in Mondovi. It allows import containers to pass directly through the terminal, without the issue of T1 customs transit documents.

The concept, under a new directive issued by the Italian Customs Agency in 2019, is possible as both the customer and terminal are Authorized Economic Operators (AEOs). Containerized goods unloaded in the Vado Ligure terminal travel on trucks or rail wagons equipped with satellite devices monitored by the Customs Authority. Fast Corridors were made possible by a new directive issued by the Italian Customs Agency in 2019.

There are no customs formalities in port – the customer guarantees the fiscal credit to the Customs Agency and is responsible for the goods with inspections carried out at the customer’s facilities. It also cuts idle time in port, saving container storage costs for the end customer.