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Astral delivers HOPE to Africa

[ September 29, 2021   //   ]

Kenya-based cargo airline Astral Aviation has joined with the HOPE Consortium to distribute vaccines to Africa. HOPE will utilise Astral Aviation’s comprehensive network, technologies, and market expertiseand the alliance will ensure timely delivery of vaccines and critical supplies to all 54 African nations.

Astral Aviation operates a fleet of 14 freighter aircraft as well as drones and warehousing.

Astral chief executive Sanjeev Gadhia said the carrier “will add further technological and warehousing solutions for distribution of the COVID-19 vaccines from the hub in Abu Dhabi, to all the 54 countries in Africa directly or via its Nairobi Hub, which occupies 9000 m2 of cold-storage facilities.”

Astral has also been selected by UNICEF to perform vaccine flights for COVAX and for the African Union via the African Medical Supplies Platform.