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Austrian forwarder takes part in ‘weight loss’ experiment

[ October 28, 2022   //   ]

Austrian forwarder and logistics company Gebrüder Weiss is transporting twelve scientific experiments to Kiruna in northern Sweden as the official logistics partner for the Swedish Space Corporation’s SubOrbital Express rocket mission.

The experiments aim to gain insights into how astronauts and their equipment perform in a weightless environment. Research teams from around the world hope to find out how the health of astronauts in space can be better monitored, how cells in the body behave when they are no longer exposed to the effects of gravity or whether instruments can withstand the forces and vibrations of a rocket launch.

However, the success of the mission begins here on Earth. “It is essential that the equipment is delivered to the rocket range on time and, most importantly, safely. Gebrüder Weiss is a logistics partner that we can really trust,” says program manager, Stefan Krämer.

The experiments are shot into space from the Esrange Space Center for six minutes before landing in an uninhabited area north of Esrange, from where they will be brought back to the base by helicopter and then evaluated by the researchers.