Forwarder on a mission to Mars

Freight forwarders often say that their rivals are on a different planet but in the case of Austria’s Gebrüder Weiss it was literally true for a couple of days in late January.   As the official logistics partner of the Austrian Space Forum (OeWF), it turned its Maria Lanzendorf location into a test site for the Mars Analog Mission AMADEE-24 from January 26 to 28. The research team and the Analog ... [+]

Gebrüder Weiss opens third Australia office

Austrian-owned forwarder Gebrüder Weiss has opened an air and sea office in Brisbane, its third location in Australia, following on from Sydney and Melbourne. Services include air and sea transport, customs clearance and project logistics. Gebrüder Weiss also has plans to open locations in the north and west of Australia ... [+]

Rainforests are the winner in Gebrüder Weiss cycle challenge

Austrian forwarder Gebrüder Weiss’s ‘Cycling around the World’ campaign has ended with an impressive 612,246km (380,432 miles) covered by  650 participants – more than 15 times around the globe, far surpassing their original goal to circle the earth seven times. The participants used a cycling app to record the distances they ... [+]

Carbon emissions? Wake up and smell the coffee

We’re all striving to be as ‘green’ as possible these days, but few companies take things to such lengths as Swiss coffee manufacturer Atinkana and its forwarding partner, Austrian-owned, Gebrüder Weiss. Not only does it cultivate its coffee plants in Colombia in a natural cycle, with hardly any emissions thanks to ... [+]

Gebrüder Weiss opens in Miami

Austrian forwarder Gebrüder Weiss has opened an air and sea freight office in Miami, Florida. . The new location is close to the international airport and currently employs six, headed by Marcin Gonzalez. Miami primarily handles imports from Asia for onward transport to South and Central America, as there are only ... [+]

Pedal harder!

Gebrüder Weiss is hosting calling on cycling enthusiasts from around the world to pedal harder from 1 April. The global logistics company wants to follow up the success of its Cycling around the World campaign last year with seven instead of six circumnavigations of the world, just 280,525km. Participating cyclists ... [+]

Gebrüder Weiss opens Tyrol terminal

Gebrüder Weiss has opened a logistics terminal in Reutte in Tyrol, Austria. The logistics company has invested around €8m in the new building, which complements existing branches in Innsbruck, Wörgl and Hall. [+]

Air and sea boost Austrian forwarder

Austrian-owned logistics and forwarding company Gebrüder Weiss posted turnover up 18% at €3.01 billion in the 2022 fiscal year. It reported major progress in its Air & Sea  division, which closed 2022 with sales at €1.2bn, up 24% on 2021’s €1.0bn, driven mainly by the high freight charges by and ... [+]

Gebrüder Weiss adds Albania

Austrian-owned forwarder Gebrüder Weiss opened a new location in the Albanian capital of Tirana, adding to its other locations in the West Balkans include Bosnia-Herzegovina, Montenegro, North Macedonia and Serbia. “There has been a sharp rise in traffic to and from Albania over the past decade, most of it imported ... [+]

Gebrüder Weiss has Georgia on its mind

Austrian-owned forwarder Gebrüder Weiss is expanding its Tbilisi location in Georgia for the second time since 2019 to offer more transshipment and office space. The location is a central hub for goodds moving between Europe and Central Asia, and is also becoming increasingly important as a logistics centre for the ... [+]

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