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BPA sets out its new year resolutions

[ January 7, 2022   //   ]

The British Ports Association says it is looking for more policy wins in 2022 in its agenda for the industry over the next 12 months.

Reducing emissions and supporting biodiversity will remain high priority as government regulation continues to grow and BPA expects significant developments in shore power and new dredging frameworks. Adaptation to climate change is likely to grow in policy importance as will wider resilience.  Freeports and ‘levelling up’ will also remain a focus.

BPA is seeking funding and support such as energy infrastructure for shore power, planning and consenting improvements, resources for transport connectivity and coastal shipping, and a viable dredging framework.

There is now a much better appreciation from government of the port zoning benefits of Freeports. These could help drive economic development and job creation, various Brexit policy decisions including increased government resources for borders infrastructure and also decarbonisation funding.

BPA’s chief executive, Richard Ballantyne, said: “The UK’s departure from the European Union and the pressures of the global pandemic on port staff, operations and customer activities has dominated much of the agenda in recent years but now the BPA is seeing the focus shift to sustainability and new business. Net Zero targets are now impacting our sector and a number of ports are now making their own commitments. Indeed we want to lead the decarbonisation drive in a way that works for ports but we do need some support from government.

“Policy makers are promoting the levelling up agenda and it is now time to further explore the opportunities to help ports be the hubs of local, regional and even national economic development and job creation. Freeports are a good first step but we need to be more inclusive around all areas of the country.”

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